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How to play iPhone's videos by using EL-817-HA01


Method :

  1. Run iTunes and select→View, then click→Show Sidebar

  2. Connected iPhone to PC and click it ►

  3. Select→Movies

    • Select→File, and then click→Add File to Library

    • Select a mp4 format of video you want. Click→Opem

  4. Movies column will show ① and the list will show already added movie which was you selected.

  5. Select

    • iPhone

    • Movies

    • Sync Movies

    • Click→Apply

    It will appear syncing in progress on the middle of windows upside.

  6. It will show ① on iPhone movies column and list will show the movie which is just added.

  7. Connect iPhone to head unit and select iPod on the display.

    • Click→Video

    • Click→Movies

    • Click→All(twice)

  8. Select the movie you want to play, and then you can play it via head unit..

Note. There is only output voice while you are playing the movie. Please click the Music on the iPhone and then it will play normally.